Growth Track



Hope Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday morning.  It is built and carried out everyday, by everyday people; People who give of their time, talent and energy to make Hope Church great for others.
Whether sweeping or singing, on Sunday or midweek, in the church building or in the community, serving is a fantastic way to build new friendships while learning new skills or strengthening existing ones.
The CORE of Hope Church is found in its Servant Leaders.
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Growth Track

Growth Track is an amazing opportunity for you to get to know us at Hope Church and to find your perfect fit as we partner together to Lead People to Jesus Christ No Matter the Cost
Growth Track is made up of 4 weekly sessions that are designed to better connect you at Hope Church.  During these 4 weekly sessions, you will learn:

Week 1:  Who is Hope Church?
In any organization, it is important that its members share a common vision and that they are moving toward common goals.  In unity, there is great power!  This week, discover what we believe, our vision, our mission, and our values.

Week 2:  Who are You?
Each of us were uniquely created by God to do amazing things in His kingdom.  Discover how you were uniquely created with certain gifts God has given you and how those can be used is His church.

Week 3:  Who are “We”?
Once you know who we are at Hope Church and you know who you were created to be, we can partner together to do some pretty amazing things.  This week, you’ll learn what we expect of our servant leaders and what you, as servant leaders, can expect from us as leaders as we Lead People to Jesus Christ No Matter the Cost.

Week 4:  Celebration
This week, we will celebrate your completion of the Growth Track by welcoming you into our community with a lunch.  This will give you an opportunity to meet our staff and key leaders and officially begin your journey in our CORE!



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