Hope Seminary

Why Hope Seminary?

Founded in 2009, Hope Seminary (formerly New Hope Bible Institute) is a dynamic and comprehensive center of undergraduate and graduate Theological education offering Christian degree programs specifically designed to equip students to make an impact both in their local communities and around the world.  These degrees are specifically designed for students seeking religious vocations.

Earning a degree from Hope Seminary that will be widely recognized by Christian institutions, churches, and Christian schools will launch you into the purpose and destiny God has put on your life.

Hope Seminary’s location is a beautiful 62-acre campus that is shared with our parent church, Hope Church. We are located just off Exit 144 on I-75, just outside of Warner Robins, GA.


Hope Seminary is an affordable alternative to a traditional University experience.  We believe a high quality education should be within reach for all that wish to pursue their calling in ministry.

Tuition and fees may be paid in advance or through one of our payment plan options.  In either scenario, the book fee MUST be paid in full NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st of the attending year.  All tuition and fees must be paid in full NO LATER THAN APRIL 1st of the graduating year to qualify for graduation.



Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for Associate through Master degree and includes tuition and most fees.  Book fees MUST be paid in full NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st of the attending year.


For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, Hope Seminary will offer Associates and Bachelors degree programs in Biblical Studies- Theology.

Students wishing to transfer existing credits to Hope Seminary will have their transcripts assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Important Dates

2017 – 2018 Key Dates:

  • August 1 – Book Fees Due
  • August 15 – Transcripts Due
  • August 31 – Orientation and Curriculum Distribution
  • March 1 – All Tuition and Fees Must be Paid In Full
  • April 2 – Thesis Due
  • May 20 – Graduation

Blended Courses

Hope Seminary is excited to offer blended courses using both face-to-face and correspondence learning opportunities by:

  • hosting on-campus sessions focusing on leadership
  • integrating team class projects to support the community
  • engaging hands-on involvement in off-campus activities
  • utilizing workbooks for in-depth home Bible study

Hope Seminary believes in a hands-on approach and strives to equip each student with a solid Biblical foundation enhanced with experience in living out the Word as a leader in a ministry setting.  We are dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering each student to realize their leadership potential by incorporating all types of learning.


Correspondence Learning allows you to:

Set your own pace.

You can spend as much time as you need to understand complex material.  If you progress quickly through a course, you do not have to wait for the slowest class members to catch up.  You set your own pace; others don’t impose their pace upon you.

Concentrate on important subjects.

When a particular subject fascinates you, you may spend extra time on it.  You are not rushed through because the class needs to move on at a different pace.

Save time.

Programs come directly to your home.  Study begins at your discretion and is fit around your existing schedule.  What could be more convenient?

Be graded fairly.

You are graded based on YOUR work.  No grading curve is established to keep grades evenly distributed in class.  This means you don’t get penalized if others receive high grades and you don’t have to hope others do poorly to ensure you get a good grade.  You will get exactly what you earn, fairly.

Get help when you need it.

You are not left alone to complete your program.  When you need it, you can get individualized help in your studies by simply writing, calling, or sending an e-mail to Hope Seminary.



Hope Seminary is a theologically accredited, educationally accountable institution of higher learning. Our educational programs are designed to help students grow in their faith as they prepare to follow the Lord in the work of the ministry.

For this reason, Hope Seminary has chosen to be accredited through TransWorld Accrediting Commission International. TransWorld is an internationally known, federally recognized, non-profit, church educational organization. They handle the accreditation of Christian theological seminaries, universities, and colleges throughout the world, providing supervision for almost 300 schools in 8 countries and in 38 states of the USA.


Accreditation in the United States is a voluntary submission to standards of high academic quality, accurate record keeping, and ethical policies and practices. Accreditation is essentially a statement of approval. The best accrediting commissions provide on-site visits to ensure their high standards are met.

The US government does not accredit schools. Instead, the United States Department of Education (USDE) approves associations which in turn actually accredit schools. The regional governmental accreditation associations serve as inspectors and overseers to regulate the nearly $80,000,000,000 congressionally-approved taxpayer investment in higher education known as “Title IV Funding.” The United States Department of Education has said, “It should be noted that some institutions have chosen not to participate in the federal student aid program and therefore do not have to be approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department.” In actuality, the vast majority of Bible colleges and seminaries choose not to be governed by the USDE and do not seek regional accreditation.


Hope Seminary has chosen not to seek governmental school accreditation because we believe we should not allow secular institutions to dictate the qualifications for instructors or the programs for a Spirit-filled ministerial degree. As an independent accrediting agency, TransWorld helps the religious world obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. The form of ministry accreditation provided by TransWorld is recognized by most churches, ministry institutions, and ministry organizations. All TransWorld member institutions around the world accept credits from other member schools, if the credits apply to their programs.


Hope Seminary has fulfilled rigorous educational requirements in our determination to acquire and maintain a quality educational program. Hope Seminary is a state-authorized school, recognized by the State of Georgia’s Non-Public Post Secondary Education Commission, having fully met and exceeded the requirements of state law.

Hope Seminary offers academic programs that are specifically designed to equip students who feel the call of God on their lives and who wish to build a ministerial career or to further their Christian education. Our academic programs are not for persons intending to build secular careers. The articulation and acceptance of credits or degrees by other institutions, including employers, must be determined by the respective institutions.


Hope Seminary